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Wife Premium CBD

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Known for its low THC high CBD ratio, wife premium is a whole flower CBD strain. It has equal part sativa and indica characteristics and offers a unique sweet aroma and flavor reminiscent of fruits like cherries and blueberries. With special care to seed selection, we ensure our CBD flower buds have a THC concentration under 0.2%.

When you smoke or vape wife premium, you get a flavor profile that ranges from fruity to skunky. The strong skunky taste and musky aroma of wife premium comes from the predominant terpene it features, known as myrcene. The strong pungency is balanced by an array of sweet and fruity flavors ranging from banana to cherry. Wife premium happens to feature the rare terpene known as guaiol, which has a floral, forest-like aroma. Altogether, there’s balance and the strain pairs harmoniously with other fruity strains, like cherry wine, cherry cobbler or jack herer.

Grinding the buds of this CBD flower brings out this candy-sweet fragrance, which overpowers the musky, grassy scent of CBD. They’re fluffy and soft to the touch, perfect for adding to any vaporizer or joint.

Wife premium is a forest green color with amber-brown pistils and frosty, glue-like CBD resin. At LegalBuds.com we sell smokable flower CBD buds that are 100% legal. We forgo harmful pesticides and other chemicals in our growing process. Instead, we focus on controlling the perfect environment for the optimal health of our plants, so you can enjoy a safe, pure and therapeutic smoke or vaping experience.

We deliver worldwide, seeing your package through import and customs processes in your country so that your purchase is hassle-free. Order wife premium in a fresh batch as large as 50 kg or browse our other CBD strains.

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