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Vanilla Kush CBD

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Our Vanilla Kush strain is an alluringly fragrant cannabis flower with an earthy, sweet and floral taste. We grow it indoors in a controlled environment to produce the utmost quality product. At a <6% CBD concentration level, it's one of our high CBD strains. Like all our buds, Vanilla Kush has less a THC content of less than 0.2%, making it completely legal worldwide. You'll enjoy the sweet flavor and strong fragrance of this CBD kush, as it's a total delight for the senses. As the name says, it smells and tastes like vanilla, which is coupled with lavender and citrus undertones.We've taken the best genetics available on the market to grow this exquisite strain, which has the rich colors and sticky texture you expect from a quality kush strain. The large, soft flowers are a verdant green hue with bright orange strands throughout. Vanilla Kush also features an abundance of crystalline resin that's hard to miss.The genetics originate from a blend of Afghani kush and Kashmir kush from the Kashmir valley in India--a marriage that gives the strain its unique, multi-dimensional taste and potent CBD content. In fact, this strain is often prescribed for sufferers of pain because of its CBD concentration, and ours has the highest CBD concentration level you'll find--without the THC.  With exciting CBD science continually breaking new ground, now's the time for Vanilla Kush to shine. Plus, it delivers an incredibly smooth smoke or vape, with citrusy terpenes that stimulate your senses.We hold our products to the highest standards of quality and taste, yet we deliver large order quantities that keep you well-stocked for longer. That means you get the best CBD weed product at the lowest price. Available in quantities of 1 g up to 1 kg, you can order our Vanilla Kush from anywhere in the world, and we'll deliver. We clear customs, pay import taxes and insure shipment delivery.

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