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Sour Space Candy CBD

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Our sour space candy hemp is CBD flower high in CBD and low in THC. Sour space candy hemp flower is a genetic crossing of sour tsunami and early resin berry. Sour tsunami lends a strong earthy flavor and aroma profile comparable to sour diesel. Throwing early resin berry’s fruity, berry bubble gum taste into the mix, the resulting sour space candy strain inherits a unique aroma that offers the palate quite the variety of tastes. It grows indoors, where we raise it with care in a controlled environment. This particular CBD strain is a balanced hybrid, with just a slightly sativa-leaning dominance.

When you vape or smoke this strain, you get the taste of cotton candy with a sour twist. Myrcene is the most predominant terpene here, lending the strain plenty of earthy notes. However, the terpinolene is the terpene that jumps out at you with a floral, fruity taste. Caryophyllene also makes its presence known in sour space candy, adding a slightly spicy undertone.

Any sour space candy review will tell you the taste is like sour and sweet candy, making it a flavorful favorite. Think of candied sour apples or tart cherries. The strain isn’t just delightful for the tastebuds, but also smooth on the throat when you smoke it.

You can order CBD flower online from wherever you are in the world. We take care of customs and import tax, to put the best CBD hemp flower in your hands when you need it. Our CBD only flower is guaranteed to have less than 0.2% THC, making it legal and non-psychoactive. You can purchase up to 50 kg of sour space candy and we’ll have your order shipped out right away.

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