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Our silver haze strain is the perfect genetics to bring out the best of super silver haze at the lowest level of the THC and highest CBD concentration. The super silver haze strain is a genetic combination of three parent strains: skunk, northern lights and haze. It gears toward the sativa side, and it’s won Cannabis Cup awards throughout the years for being a beloved favorite. Grown in a greenhouse with an advanced hydroponics system, it gets the perfect environment required. This ensures the strain’s full terpene and cannabinoid profile to develop, and for dense, large flower buds to form.

The leaves on this strain are light green with some purple accents. The orange curly pistils are short and peppered throughout the bud, which is coated in a sheen of trichomes. When you smoke or vape pineapple super silver haze, you get a spicy, earthy taste that comes from its predominant terpenes: myrcene, with a musky aroma, and caryophyllene, which gives the strain a peppery kick. This combination gives rise to a sage-like aroma with skunky and sour undertones. The third most predominant terpene in this strain, however, is limonene. This throws in a citrus punch and candy-smooth feel that makes the strain very pleasant.

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