• Amnesia Haze CBD

    Amnesia Haze CBD

    CBD Flowers
    Through meticulous breeding techniques, CBD Amnesia haze contains genetics from several sativa strains from Hawaii and parts of South Asia. These are combined with indica strains of Jamaican, Afghani and Cambodian origins, resulting in an ultra-hybrid strain. Its intentionally diverse...

    Price: $ 10.00

  • Bubblegum Kush CBD
    Our Bubblegum Kush strain is one of the best CBD strains to smoke or vape if you're after the strong flavor and aftertaste found in THC-rich strains. As a high CBD low THC strain, however, CBD Bubblegum Kush is 100%...
  • Cannabidiol

    Price: $ 1.00

  • Cheese Bud CBD

    Cheese Bud CBD

    CBD Flowers
    It seems strange to think you would smoke or vape a CBD strain called Cheese, considering that strains are typically named after their taste and smell. True to name, however, Cheese does have an aroma and taste uniquely reminiscent of...

    Price: $ 10.00

  • Hawaiian Haze CBD
    Our Hawaiian Skunk is a hemp derived CBD legal bud that is greenhouse-grown with high-pressure sodium (HPS) grow lights. By giving this strain the perfect amount of heat and light, we aim to maximize its CBD content and the overall...
  • Mango Kush CBD

    Mango Kush CBD

    CBD Flowers
    Our Mango Kush strain is a high CBD low THC legal bud that gets its name from its aroma and taste. The fresh mango smell will transport you to a tropical paradise, and the flavor is just as sweet. Mango...

    Price: $ 10.00

  • OG Kush CBD

    OG Kush CBD

    CBD Flowers
    OG Kush is a famous staple that has been used to create many popular strains, from Bubblegum Kush to Mango Kush. Our OG Kush strain is legal CBD bud that gives you the classic taste and medicinal qualities of OG kush...