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Pineapple Skunk CBD

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Our pineapple skunk strain of high CBD low THC cannabis is a cross of pineapple, cheese and skunk, giving it a wide array of fragrant terpenes. With the best cultivation practices and genetic selection to maximize CBD and minimize the psychoactive THC compound, to bring you CBD flower buds at 6% CBD concentration and less than 0.2% THC. Pineapple skunk is grown outdoors with plenty of sunlight and humidity, where it thrives best for the full potency and terpene profile to develop.

Pineapple skunk is an indica-dominant strain, at about 70% indica and 30% sativa. It has vivid-green leaves, brownish pistils and is covered in sticky trichomes. The most abundant terpene in pineapple skunk weed is myrcene, which has an herbal, earthy aroma. It’s also rich in caryophyllene, which gives it a peppery, spicy flavor. Limonene is the terpene responsible for the strain’s citrusy smell and sweet taste--which any pineapple skunk smoke report will tell you calls pineapples to mind. Nonetheless, when you grind up the flower buds you’ll get unmistakable hints of cheese and pungent skunk, bringing a spicy undertone to the tropical sweetness.

Because of its strong terpene profile, vaping CBD pineapple skunk will leave you with a creamy, fruity aftertaste that’s pleasing to the senses and smooth on the throat. Smoking pineapple skunk can be a little more harsh compared to other strains because of its skunky pungency. Whether you’re smoking or vaping this strain, the sharp, sour taste and aroma of cheese also comes through.

Buying CBD flower buds is 100% legal, and we make worldwide shipping hassle-free. You can order up to 50 kg of pineapple skunk on from anywhere in the world. We clear customs, pay import taxes and place insurance on your shipment to guarantee it arrives.

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