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Our Cannabis Cup-awarded Pineapple Express strain is a deliciously sweet and tangy flower, perfect for rolling CBD joints that delight your nose and taste buds. We grow our award-winning buds indoors, where the environment is controlled for perfect growing conditions that result in an exceptional product. The fruity citrus flavor of Pineapple Express makes the smoking or vaping experience all the more enjoyable, leaving a pineapple taste on your tongue when exhaled. Its pleasantly tropical scent brings sunny beaches to mind, with sweet fruitiness and floral undertones. The citrus aroma comes from its high content of limonene, which is one of its therapeutic elements. It also has a high pinene content, which throws a pine scent and flavor into the mix.Pineapple Express has the genetics of Trainwreck and Hawaiian, resulting in a sativa-dominant hybrid. You can detect the classic elements of both indica and sativa by looking at the densely packed buds, which are a sage green hue with deep orange and burgundy strands. The flowers are covered with a powdery crystalline resin.The Pineapple Express CBD content is as high as 6% concentration, making it an ideal medicinal strain. With a THC content of less than 0.2%, Pineapple Express is 100% legal worldwide. All our products are EU certified to respect European regulations, and we include the certificate of analysis with your order. We ensure the highest levels of quality and testing when cultivating our legal CBD hemp buds, which results in a superior product that we offer at a competitively low price you won't find elsewhere.You can order our Pineapple Express CBD hemp strain in a variety of quantities, from 1 kg up to 50 kg. We process your order quickly and deliver worldwide. We clear customs, pay import taxes and insure shipment delivery, so that your order is completely hassle-free.

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