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Otto 2 CBD

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Otto 2 is a classic high CBD strain at a perfect balance of indica and sativa. With its superb fruity taste, it blends amazingly with our cherry wine strain. We carefully select our otto 2 seeds and nurture the plant in its ideal environment so that the CBD hemp buds reach their full aromatic and therapeutic potential. Known for being a high CBD cannabis strain, otto 2 has the most minimal traces of THC guaranteed to be less than 0.2%.

Otto 2 CBD flower buds are a multi-colored pleasure to the eyes. The verdant green leaves have rich, dark purple accents and are accompanied by hairy orange pistils. The bud is coated in CBD-rich resin that makes it look sparkling. Smoking or vaping otto 2 is a true sensation. It has a sweet, floral and fruity fragrance that will make you eager for a taste.

Farnesene, a terpene also found in fruit rinds and turmeric, gives otto 2 a spicy but fruity earthy taste. The presence of pinene, myrcene and caryophyllene add fresh, herbaceous and peppery undertones beneath the citrusy punch from limonene. These terpenes have a noticeable citrus-pine aroma when smoked. However, the full flavor profile truly shines when these flower buds are vaped because some terpenes are destroyed by combustion. No matter how you enjoy this strain, it’s sure to pack a ton of flavor and arrive still fresh upon delivery.

At you can order up to 50 kg of otto 2 and we deliver worldwide. We sell hemp CBD buds to bring farm fresh legal cannabis to your doorstep. We clear customs, pay import taxes and put insurance on your shipment to guarantee your experience with us is hassle-free no matter where you’re ordering from.

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