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Lifter is well-known for having CBD-dominant genetics. With its minty lemon flavor, it’s one of the most delightful cannabis strains high in CBD. Lifter is a genetic marriage of suver haze and early resin bud. With meticulous seed selection and using the best cultivation methods to maximize CBD and minimize THC, we’re able to bring you potent CBD flower buds that are dense, vibrant and aromatic.

Lifter contains less than 0.2% THC so it’s legal and non-psychoactive. Thanks to its pro-CBD genetics, lifter can reach cannabidiol (CBD) concentrations as high as 25%. We grow this strain indoors where it can thrive to its full potential. When you smoke this strain of CBD or throw some buds in a vaporizer, it hits you with a cheesy herbal aroma. Myrcene is the most predominant terpene here, offering the earthy taste present in so many cannabis strains. The second most predominant terpene is carryophene, which gives you a kick of spice. The rare terpene ocimene is also found here, giving the flower a soothing fresh minto feel when smoking or vaping. There’s a sweet lemon taste you get as well, thanks to the presence of limonene, the widely-loved citrus fresh terpene.

We specialize in growing high CBD cannabis so you can enjoy the therapeutic effects of the plant. Order our lifter CBD flower in fragrant full batches as large as 50 KG. Wherever you live, we deliver our CBD flower to your home. We put insurance on your order and oversee your shipment through import and customs clearance so that your satisfaction is guaranteed. We know you’ll get lifted from our lifter CBD strain, but feel free to browse our selection of other CBD strains on our website.

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