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Lemon Haze CBD

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Our lemon haze strain is a three-way crossing of genes from lemon skunk, super silver haze and northern lights. Owing to world-class organic CBD flower cultivation practices, we provide high CBD low THC cannabis strains guaranteed to have less than 0.2% THC and CBD concentrations as high as 6%. We grow our lemon haze in an indoor climate-controlled environment that meets all the plant’s needs for light and nutrients.

When you smoke or vape super lemon haze, you get the aroma of freshly sliced lemons, with the sweet taste of creamy, lemon-flavored candy. Terpinolene is the overwhelming terpene found present in lemon haze, responsible for the overall fruity aroma and taste. However, lemon haze is also rich in limonene, which is the terpene that packs in the sour but sweet lemony flavor. Caryophyllene, another cannabis terpene, gives the strain some zest with its spice-like kick. The presence of the terpene ocimene adds a minty herbal note that also adds to the soothing feel you get when smoking or vaping lemon haze.

Our super lemon haze strain is definitely a zinger, with the full-bodied flavor of citrus bursting through. This makes it smooth and easy to enjoy whether you’re smoking a joint or puffing on a vaporizer. It coats your palate with a zesty lemon and notes of tart fruity candy. The experience is incredibly fragrant and delicious, which often makes it an instant favorite.

When you grind up the flower buds, they’re fluffy and saturated with colors. You’ll quickly catch a lemony whiff and want to smoke or vape this strain. At LegalBuds.com we sell the best CBD flower online and deliver worldwide. We cover import taxes and customs clearance to make sure cheap CBD flower gets into your hands hassle-free.

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