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OG Kush is a famous staple that has been used to create many popular strains, from Bubblegum Kush to Mango Kush. Our OG Kush strain is legal CBD bud that gives you the classic taste and medicinal qualities of OG kush without the side effects of THC. That's because its THC content is less than 0.2%, while its CBD content is as high as 6%. We grow it indoors using the best cultivation practices and technology that ensure your OG Kush CBD flowers grow to their full potential. The result is a therapeutic, medical-grade product that is fragrant and enjoyable to smoke or vape.When you toke some of our OG Kush, you're hit with complex notes of fuel, pine and spice. Its appearance is a feast for the eyes, as it features light green and purple buds with plenty of orange pistils. It's covered with a fine, powdery, white resin coating, which gives the bud a frosty, fuzzy look. The taste is earthy and classic. Coupled with the woodsy aroma, smoking or vaping OG Kush can have you feeling like you're in a dank green forrest. OG Kush is sold in dispensaries as a top-notch, medical-grade strain, but you can enjoy our low THC high CBD OG Kush when you order online. The best genetics available on the market go into our products, which we grow without the use of harmful pesticides and other toxins.We deliver exceptionally large orders of up to 50 kg, so you can get what you need in just one order. We ship and deliver quickly and hassle-free, no matter where you are in the world. We handle customs clearance, import taxes and shipment insurance. All that's left is for you to receive your delightful package of legal CBD buds at your front door.

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