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Hawaiian Haze CBD

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Our Hawaiian Skunk is a hemp derived CBD legal bud that is greenhouse-grown with high-pressure sodium (HPS) grow lights. By giving this strain the perfect amount of heat and light, we aim to maximize its CBD content and the overall health and fullness of the Hawaiian Skunk CBD buds. It's an ideal CBD hemp flower for getting the most medicinal value out of an enjoyable smoke or vape experience.A cross between Hawaiian Indica and Skunk #1, Hawaiian Skunk is an indica-dominant hybrid with large, thick buds that are light and dark green. It has yellowish-brown pistils, and is covered with resin. The buds give off a complex fragrance. You'll notice a musky, earthy sage essence, and you may detect lemony citrus notes. It has a well-balanced taste that is fruity sweet and herbal.You can easily find CBD hemp flower for sale, but it's harder to find a crop that is grown with the utmost adherence to quality standards and European regulations. If you're looking for legal CBD hemp flower with a high CBD concentration, look no further than our Hawaiian Skunk strain. It has a CBD content of 6%, and only <0.2% THC, and we utilize only the best cultivation processes that are most suitable for the strain. Our crops get the environment and nutrients they need, without harmful pesticides or other contaminants added.We not only ensure you get the best quality product, but also for the best price, and with hassle-free delivery. We take quality-control seriously because we know you'll come back for more. We can deliver up to 50 kg, since we believe quality and quantity should go hand in hand. Everything you get from us is EU certified, with the certificate of analysis included for compliance.Try our Hawaiian Skunk CBD strain by ordering as little as 1 kg today. We provide top-speed deliveries worldwide. We clear customs and pay import taxes, and we put insurance on all your shipments.

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