Super Lemon Haze CBD

Super Lemon Haze CBD

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Our Super Lemon Haze strain is nature's best CBD. Sativa-dominant strains tend to cause THC side effects, but our Super Lemon Haze is CBD-rich and has a THC concentration level of less than 0.2%. Our legal CBD lemon haze buds are grown indoors, with the utmost attention to quality. It starts with carefully-selected seeds that have the best genetics available on the market, resulting in a high-CBD concentration and superb smoke or vape experience. We grow using the best cultivation practices to bring the strain to its full potential, without the use of harmful pesticides and other contaminants.Super Lemon Haze CBD is a verdant green color with orange pistils, coated with a thick layer of translucent, sticky trichomes. It owes its sweet, lemony citrus aroma and taste to its high content of limonene--a terpene known for many therapeutic effects. Super Lemon Haze also contains a high concentration of terpinolene, which is actually the rarest terpene found in cannabis and hemp plants. With a fresh, citrusy, floral and piney fragrance, terpinolene is a plant chemical also found in lilac flowers. These naturally-occurring plant compounds in our Super Lemon Haze make the smoke (or vape) experience more pleasurable, fragrant and smooth. The resulting lemony smell and taste do a great job balancing out the grassy flavor of CBD found in our Super Lemon Haze strain, which has a strong concentration level of <6%. In fact, the strong, almost sour, lemon zest flavor is almost artificial-tasting, because it's so sweet and intense--yet 100% naturally-developed.You can order our low THC high CBD Super Lemon Haze in amounts as little as 1 kg or as large as 50 kg. We make our shipments and deliveries quick and hassle-free for you. No matter where you are in the world, we'll handle customs clearance, import taxes and shipment insurance. All you need to do is receive your package of legal CBD buds at your front door.

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