Bubblegum Kush CBD

Bubblegum Kush CBD

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Our Bubblegum Kush strain is one of the best CBD strains to smoke or vape if you're after the strong flavor and aftertaste found in THC-rich strains. As a high CBD low THC strain, however, CBD Bubblegum Kush is 100% legal worldwide, and is considered one of Europe's best "high CBD" flower. Like all our CBD strains, the THC content of this bud doesn't exceed 0.2%. It's delightful to the senses, yet has an exceptionally medicinal quality, with a CBD content of <6%. We grow our Bubblegum Kush indoors using the best cultivation practices to ensure a superior crop. The result is hand-harvested high CBD buds untainted by pesticides, fertilizers or metals.The intense flavor of Bubblegum Kush features fruity, tangy, almost sour notes that are reminiscent of bubblegum. Its ultra-sticky texture will also remind you of bubblegum, as its buds are incredibly resinous due to the thick white trichome coating. Our growing process is designed to conserve the highest amounts of resin the strain has to offer. This dank legal bud is a dark-yellowish green, speckled with reddish-orange pistils throughout. You get a strong fruity fragrance and aftertaste your senses will love. Boasting genetics from Bubblegum and OG Kush, Bubblegum Kush offers an impressive combination and high concentration of flavor and therapeutic properties.In our endeavor to grow the best CBD strains, priorities we'll never compromise are top-quality genetics, cultivation and harvest. At the same time, we aim to give you the best price competitors would never offer. Available in quantities ranging from 1 kg up to 50 kg, you can order heaps of this go-to CBD strain and stay stocked up for longer. We deliver products worldwide, and we handle customs and import taxes so that you don't have to. We insure every shipment, so your purchase is covered.

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