• Amnesia Haze CBD

    Amnesia Haze CBD

    CBD Flowers
    Through meticulous breeding techniques, CBD Amnesia haze contains genetics from several sativa strains from Hawaii and parts of South Asia. These are combined with indica strains of Jamaican, Afghani and Cambodian origins, resulting in an ultra-hybrid strain. Its intentionally diverse...
  • Boax Hemp CBD

    Boax Hemp CBD

    CBD Flowers
    Our boax hemp CBD flower is one of the newer strains available in farm-fresh batches as large as 50 kg. Boax hemp has the genetics of otto 2 and Hindu Kush married into one low THC high CBD cannabis strain....
  • Bubba Kush CBD

    Bubba Kush CBD

    CBD Flowers
    Bubba kush is a famous and widely cherished indica-dominant cannabis strain from the equally renowned parent strains OG kush and northern lights. With careful genetic selection we grow the original pre 98 bubba kush strain, modified for low THC high...
  • Bubblegum Kush CBD
    Our Bubblegum Kush strain is one of the best CBD strains to smoke or vape if you're after the strong flavor and aftertaste found in THC-rich strains. As a high CBD low THC strain, however, CBD Bubblegum Kush is 100%...
  • Cheese Bud CBD

    Cheese Bud CBD

    CBD Flowers
    It seems strange to think you would smoke or vape a CBD strain called Cheese, considering that strains are typically named after their taste and smell. True to name, however, Cheese does have an aroma and taste uniquely reminiscent of...
  • Cherry Cobbler CBD
    Our cherry cobbler CBD strain is a flavorful genetic crossing of cookies and cherry pie. It’s an indica-leaning hybrid with an earthy, sweet aroma and taste. We select the seeds for our cherry cobbler strain with great care, ensuring the...
  • Cherry Wine CBD

    Cherry Wine CBD

    CBD Flowers
    Our cherry wine CBD strain is a genetic combination of the wife and charlotte’s cherries, which are two cannabis strains known for yielding high cannabidiol (CBD) concentrations. Cherry wine hemp is well-loved for its strong flavor and syrupy sweet cherry...
  • Elektra CBD

    Elektra CBD

    CBD Flowers
    Our elektra strain is a high CBD low THC crossing of the parent strains ACDC and early resin berry. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid bursting with herbal and citrus flavor. We start with high quality seeds, carefully chosen cannabis seeds. Using...
  • Hawaiian Haze CBD
    Our Hawaiian Skunk is a hemp derived CBD legal bud that is greenhouse-grown with high-pressure sodium (HPS) grow lights. By giving this strain the perfect amount of heat and light, we aim to maximize its CBD content and the overall...
  • Jack Herer CBD

    Jack Herer CBD

    CBD Flowers
    Our jack herer sativa CBD strain is known for its fruity aroma and taste. It’s a three-way cross between haze, northern lights and shiva skunk, resulting in a hybrid with slight sativa dominance and a varied terpene profile. Jack herer...