• 2 3/4
    A great size grinder, very stylish and reliable. High quality construction.

    Price: $ 29.00

  • 2
    Grinds all of our premium herbs. High quality construction. Available with or without storage compartment. $24.99 or $29.99 w/storage
  • Dual Grinder/Scale Combo

    Dual Grinder/Scale Combo

    500x .1g OR 100x .01g
    Stealth Can Grinder/ Digital Scale BIG Spice GRINDER with Collection Tray Open top for remove fold up scale.
  • Electric Herb Grinder
    Serious smokers only! Grinds a large amount of herb all at once. Great for solids too! Price: $24.99
  • Mini 1
    The perfect small grinder. great for traveling.

    Price: $ 16.99

  • NEW! 2.25
    8-ball design shown 4 piece grinder. Includes a storage compartment and pollen screen. 1 for $29.99 - 2 for $49.99
  • Pollen Press
    Great to sieve legal herbs. Stainless steel.
  • SweetLeaf Metal Herb Grinder
    The Sweetleaf Grinder is a premium hand operated herb grinder. Available in 2 sizes. Regular: $24.00 Large: $34.99 SAVE BIG & BUY MORE!
  • Wooden Herb Grinder
    Essential for breaking up all of our herbal buds and solids. Available in 2 Sizes. Regular and a Large Deluxe 5 inch Grinder. Regular: $19.99 Large: $29.99 SAVE BIG & BUY MORE!