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Our elektra strain is a high CBD low THC crossing of the parent strains ACDC and early resin berry. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid bursting with herbal and citrus flavor. We start with high quality seeds, carefully chosen cannabis seeds. Using the best growing practices and zero pesticides, we make sure nothing harmful contaminates the final product. Elektra is grown outdoors where it has plenty of access to sunlight and nutrients. This maximizes the natural elektra strain effects coming from an abundance of terpenes and cannabinoids--including CBD.

The delightful electric-green leaves of this bud are covered with CBD resin, making them sticky to the touch. You’ll see a few long reddish orange pistils in this strain, but fewer than you find in others. When you grind these buds they release a fresh citrusy aroma.

Vaping or smoking CBD hemp flower like our elektra strain feels easy on the throat thanks to the pine-scented soothing terpene known as pinene. Myrcene and caryophyllene are also present, giving this flower an earthy aroma with peppery undertones. Limonene is also in the mix, lending elektra a blast of lemony citrus that adds to the soothing feel on the throat. With such a full terpene profile, it’s no wonder this strain is a classic go-to for high CBD low THC cannabis bursting with flavor.

You can order elektra buds in quantities as high as 50 kg. With worldwide delivery, we make it easy to order CBD flower wherever you are. We put insurance on your shipment to ensure it reaches you, and we handle import taxes and customs in any country. Browse LegalBuds.com to view all our sativa and indica CBD flower strains.

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