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Our cherry wine CBD strain is a genetic combination of the wife and charlotte’s cherries, which are two cannabis strains known for yielding high cannabidiol (CBD) concentrations. Cherry wine hemp is well-loved for its strong flavor and syrupy sweet cherry aroma. We grow our cherry wine hemp CBD flower outdoors free of pesticides or toxic chemicals. With careful seed selection and attention to genetics, we ensure our cherry wine strain contains less than 0.2% THC and maximal CBD potency. The result is cherry wine strain effects you can only expect from the best high CBD strains available.

As an equally balanced hybrid, cherry wine’s characteristics are 50% indica and 50% sativa. Is the cherry wine strain indica or sativa? As a cross of a sativa-dominant hybrid and an indica-dominant hybrid, cherry wine turns out to be the perfect equilibrium. The flower buds are densely packed and become soft and fluffy when you grind them fresh.

Cherry wine cannabis leaves are verdant and accompanied by hairy orange pistils. The trichomes on the buds create a sparkly crystalline shimmer. When you smoke or vape cherry wine, you get a fruitful cherry flavor reminiscent of candy, with citrus and berry undertones. The most dominant terpene found in this CBD strain is myrcene, which has an earthy, fresh aroma. Caryophyllene is the second most predominant terpene, adding a spicy note to the herbaceous scent already present. Geranyl acetate is the terpene that gives cherry wine the aroma of roses and fruit.

Another terpene cherry wine boasts in abundance is humulene, which offers a musky, hoppy smell that calls to mind either beer or cheese. Finally, you also get limonene in cherry wine’s terpene profile. This lends a citrusy, sweet flavor and smooth, candy-like feel when vaped or smoked.

No matter where you are, you can make CBD flower legal purchases on Smoking CBD flower doesn’t lead to the psychoactive effects of cannabis that has THC -- the compound that also makes the plant illegal in most places. Order cherry wine in batches of up to 50 kg, or browse our other CBD strains.

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