Cherry Cobbler CBD

Cherry Cobbler CBD

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Our cherry cobbler CBD strain is a flavorful genetic crossing of cookies and cherry pie. It’s an indica-leaning hybrid with an earthy, sweet aroma and taste. We select the seeds for our cherry cobbler strain with great care, ensuring the result is top shelf CBD flower with a THC concentration under 0.2% and a cannabidiol (CBD) concentration as high as 6%.

Cherry cobbler features a wide array of terpenes. Most predominant are myrcene, caryophyllene and limonene. Humulene, linalool, pinene and terpinolene are other terpenes represented in this robust CBD flower strain. The limonene and terpinolene give cherry cobbler its distinctly fruity aroma, which leaves your palate feeling like it tasted a cherry dessert. Cherry cobbler is one of the most delightful CBD flower strains for the senses, though it’s also balanced with cool, soothing, herbaceous and spicy undertones.

Our cherry cobbler is a deep green color characteristic of many indica strains, with amber-brown pistils. Small round leaves are packed densely in the buds, which have a large, bulky structure. The CBD resin coating these flower buds is like syrup, leaving a slight stickiness on your fingers when you touch it.

At we sell the best CBD hemp flower and we ensure your order gets to you hassle-free. We pay attention to quality at every step of the way to get fresh legal cannabis to your door no matter where you live. From carefully selecting our seeds to using the best cultivation practices free of pesticides, we make sure our plants reach their full therapeutic and aromatic potential when grown. We deliver in farm-fresh batches of up to 50 kg per strain, and we cover import tax and customs clearance in your country.

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