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Boax Hemp CBD

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Our boax hemp CBD flower is one of the newer strains available in farm-fresh batches as large as 50 kg. Boax hemp has the genetics of otto 2 and Hindu Kush married into one low THC high CBD cannabis strain. It has a varied terpene profile that creates a mix of sweet and spicy aromas and tastes. Grown indoors in the perfect climate-controlled environment, our boax hemp strain has less than 0.2% THC and as much as 6% CBD. Boax hemp flower has a bright green hue with soft, short leaves sprinkled with gluey CBD resin. It features hairy clusters of vibrant orange pitilss.

When you smoke or vape a pure CBD flower strain like boax hemp, you get a burst of flavor owing to the vast terpene profile. It features pinene, a terpene with a fresh, woodsy aroma. It also features the rare ocimene terpene, which is also found in mint and parsley. These fresh earthy fragrances take predominance when smoking or vaping boax hemp, but the presence of limonene adds a lemony sweet accent. When you smoke or vape boax hemp, the resulting taste is reminiscent of spicy yet fruity baked goods. This exotic strain is an indica-leaning hybrid and you can order up to 50 kg of this premium CBD marijuana right here on our website. offers legal CBD flower for sale with worldwide delivery. We handle customs clearance and pay import taxes to bring CBD buds from our farm right to your door. With insurance placed on your delivery, its arrival is guaranteed.

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