• Vapir Rise Vaporizer
    The first Table Top Vaporizer that works with Oils, Wax, and Dry Herb! FREE SHIPPING

    Price: $ 249.99

  • Vapolution Herbal Vaporizer 2.0

    Vapolution Herbal Vaporizer 2.0

    Dome Herbal Vaporizer With Vapor Whip
    We are proud to offer the absolute lowest price on the popular Vapolution vaporizer. The Vapolution includes everything you need to vaporize at home or on the road. Heating Element: All Glass Bowl: All Glass Mobility: Car Adapter Included Safety: No Exposed Hot Surfaces. Start Up Time: 4-5 Minutes Temperature Control: Included Variety and Efficiency: Medium, and Large Bowls Included.

    Price: $ 79.95

  • VaporBLUNT 2.0 Portable Vaporizer
    The VaporBLUNT 2.0 Vaporizer is built to work for both dried blends and essential oils at any altitude; along with a sleek design that is half the size of its predecessor, the Original Vapor Blunt.

    VaporBLUNT 2.0 Vaporizer Includes:

      • 1 pc. VaporBLUNT 2.0 Vaporizer
      • 1 pc. Wire Cleaning Brush
      • 1 pc. Essential Oil Filling Chamber
      • 1 pc. Essential Oil Glass Mouthpiece
      • 1 pc. Cleaning Tool
      • 1 pc. Bamboo Cleaning Sticks
      • 1 pc. Flavored Mouthpiece
      • 1 pc. Replacement Mouthpiece
      • 1 pc. VaporBLUNT 2.0 Vaporizer Charger
      • 1 pc. VaporBLUNT 2.0 Vaporizer Instruction Manual
      • 1 pc. Stand
  • VaporBlunt Portable Vaporizer

    VaporBlunt Portable Vaporizer

    Vaporization Method: Direct Inhalation
    The VaporBLUNT is one of the newest portable vaporizers around and it stands out for a couple of reasons. The slim portable design makes holding the VaporBLUNT a very comfortable experience and never becomes cumbersome. Operating the VaporBLUNT is also incredibly easy,...

    Price: $ 219.00

  • Vaporite Budy Pen Platinum Vaporizer

    Vaporite Budy Pen Platinum Vaporizer

    Platinum 3-In-1 Kit Vaporizer
    The Budy Pen Platinum, engineered by Vaporite, is capable of vaporizing all of your materials. This 3-in-1 kit comes with everything needed to vaporize your dry herbs, waxy concentrates, and essential oils or e-liquids. Available in a sleek matte black...

    Price: $ 89.99

  • Vector Shot Energy & Mood Enhancer
    Liquid Orgasm. There is no finer way to describe this product. Vector is the only mood & sex stimulator on the market “that Works” for both men & women. It brings satisfying sensitivity while heightening sexual performance. UP TO 10...
  • Volcano Classic Vaporizer
    Putting health first: VOLCANO vaporizing technology

    The VOLCANO Vaporiser Classic System Vaporizer releases flavors and active ingredients from herbs through vaporization by hot air. free stuff!Optimum treatment of the active ingredients reduces the development of harmful substances and odours to a minimum. This means that even non-smokers find the vaporizer enjoyable.

    YOUR CHOICE OF VALVE KIT: EASY VALVE Designed to be the simplest Volcano experience, Use pre made Volcano balloon bags specially made for vaporizing. SOLID VALVE: For adavanced users who want to decide the size of the balloon bag. Volcano bags come in rolls and you can also use heat resisitant overn bags as an alternative.
  • Volcano Digital Vaporizer
    The advantage of the VOLCANO DIGIT lies in its large LED display, which immediately and precisely informs the user of theoperating status. The VOLCANO DIGIT communicates better with the user and its electronic control system works even more precisely than the bi-metal regulator on the VOLCANO CLASSIC.
    • Precise electronic controlLOWEST PRICE GUARANTEED
    • Extra large, digital LED display with set and actual temperature
    • Vaporization temperature can be set between 40° and 230°C (104° and 446°F)
    • Temperature accuracy ± 1,5°C
    • Display changeover between °Celsius and °Fahrenheit
    • Two years warranty
    • Automatic switch off
  • Watermelon Herbal Shisha
    Watermelon Flavored Herbal Shisha. A great alternative to traditional tobacco shisha. Soex brand herbal shisha is imported from india. Soex Herbal Shisha is smooth and mild, the perfect hookah smoke!
  • Wild Dagga (Leonotis Leonurus)
    Wild Dagga: Tall shrubby South African plant of the mint family with deep green foliage that elongates into long strips after flowering. Especially striking for its fiery orange, feathery flower tufts that bloom in spikes or balls. Leonotis leonurus contains...