• Triple Play Combo
    Hawaiian Haze Bud Over 100 lbs a month flown in FRESH from the island of hawaii! Grown from our huge reserve in hawaii and seen in our ad in high times and voted the world's best 100% legal smokes by top...

    Price: $ 84.99

  • Twins Vaporizer By Vaporite

    Twins Vaporizer By Vaporite

    Dual Herbal Vaporizer With 2 Vapor Whips
    ASSEMBLED IN USA Vaporite Twins Dual Digital vaporizer / air freshner is made with high quality glossy wood. It has a large digital temperature display and a knob to regulate the temperature. This vaporizer / air freshner has a quick heat-up...

    Price: $ 109.99

  • Twister Portable Vaporizer
    Vaporite Twister is cimple to operate, portbable, and lightweight. It features a large chamber and a high-quality lithium ion battery that runs for 1-2 hours of continuous use. The Twister heats up quickly, has an auto shut off timer, and...
  • Ultra Buds Combo Herbal Sampler
    Orange Krush is the newest strain of legal buds we offer. It features one of the most potent smokes we have ever sold! This bud smokes super smooth and is composed of chunks of bud with small red hairs. It has...

    Ultra Buds Sampler Combo :Price: $ 119.99

  • Ultra Libido
    The #1 Formula for Couples Mutual Pleasure! Ultra Libido is an all-natural, maximum-strength formula that blends herbs and extracts to increase man and woman's sexual drive and stamina. Make "date night" a night to remember forever. Ultra Libido requires no prescription and...
  • Upliftisol
    The synergistic blend of ingredients in Upliftisol has been carefully formulated to help relieve mild or moderate depression and anxiety. Designed to boost the brain's natural capacity for happiness, Upliftisol is intended to promote emotional wellness without expensive prescriptions or...
  • Vapen' DH Dry Herb Vaporizer
    Brand NEW! Best rated cheap dry herb vaporizer! Vapen' DH Includes: - Vapen' DH Dry Herb Vaporizer - Vapen' Oil / Liquid Clearomizer - Long Life 650 MAH Battery - Car Charger - USB Quick 2.0 Amp Wall Charger -...
  • VAPIR N02 Herbal Vaporizer + FREE SHIPPING

    VAPIR N02 Herbal Vaporizer + FREE SHIPPING

    When we set out to create a new vaporizer we knew that it would truly have to be the next generation in vaporization technology for it to be worthy of the name Vapir. In order to make this leap we designed and created this unit from the ground up with the suggestions, comments and ideas our customer’s had indicated they wanted in their vaporizer. In addition we added some amazing technology and forward thinking standard options to create our newest addition to the Vapir lineup. With the NO2, Vapir has created a portable vaporizer the vaporizer community has been waiting for!

    VAPIR N02 HERBAL VAPORIZER:Price: $ 129.95

  • Vapir One V5.0 Vaporizer
    free stuff!Since the dawn of time, humans have burned plants, inhaling unhealthy compounds from the burning that aren't found in the original plant. The Vapir™ line of vaporizers and vaporization products from Air-2 changes all that, releasing an herb's essential material without many of the toxic elements created by smoking. Imagine a smoker who uses a vaporizer with tobacco instead of smoking it. No visible tar, little or no carbon monoxide. Vaporization yields only the pure flavor and active substance of the tobacco without the carcinogenic byproducts

    VAPIR ONE V5.0 VAPORIZER:Price: $ 134.99